Software Development

The engineers of our company use all their experience to create any engineering products that they have collected over the years of their work. We control and implement every stage of development, from idea to testing by the end user. We use a very flexible approach to the client, technologies to be as efficient as possible.

Mobile App Development

We provide full-cycle software development services encompassing planning, requirements definition, design and prototyping, software development, testing, deployment and application maintenance.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud adoption is inevitable for every business that wants to remain relevant and competitive. DevOps creates a collaborative environment for improved efficiency, reduced development lifecycles, and faster time to market. Combined, these workflows facilitate a seismic change in the cloud development approach.

Web Solutions

Often the main product of the company. Websites, shops, administration and accounting systems and much more that our clients usually order. Having extensive experience in such solutions, we can satisfy each of our clients. Flexibility in the choice of technologies allows us to offer the client the best approach.


more and more solutions are being created using blockchain technology. Over the years of work, we have developed many solutions - crypto-analytical, cryptocurrencies, marketplaces, NFT systems, wallets, etc.

Software Testing

Software testing is the backbone of any product, as the key to the success of any product is quality. Our company anticipates possible problems causing delays, errors and change requests. Our experts define and optimize a reliable, predictable and efficient testing process using best practices and proprietary accelerators to support quality software development.

Business Analysis

Business analysts ensure that stakeholder needs, business context, and solution value are captured quickly and comprehensively to deliver the end product. Our team works closely with clients to lay the foundations of the product, come up with and define the best solution to meet needs, formulate the vision and scope of the solution, define the roadmap and backlog, and ensure that the highest quality product is implemented – delivered on time.

Operations Support

One minute of downtime costs businesses thousands of dollars. Our engineers, using different technologies, are ready to provide any support for maximum fault tolerance, as well as customer support.

Product Management

Our team manages the entire product development process from idea to end user testing. Using a design thinking methodology, we help our clients: imagine the ideal solution, test logic and design through prototyping, develop and innovate, and optimize for sustainability. We help to better understand the end user and respond in time to market changes.